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100 Newegg Gift Card New Ocing Rig D

As a graduation presnt someone gave me a $100 gift card to newegg All my other graduation money is going to car insurance so i wasnt about to get a crazy gaming rig. I was origianlly going to buy a terabyte hard drive to replace my 500gb that is almost full, but I decided to challenge myself into trying to rebuild a gaming rig for under $100.

I got a tiny biostar am2 board (with a pcie slot of course) an amd athlon x2 brisbane 4050e processor, stock heatsink and 1gb of pc 5400 ocz memory.

I woke up at 9:45 today when the ups driver rang my doorbell. The last part to be shipped was of course the motherboard I still had my ocz 600watt psu, ati 3870 and blood ocean case left over from my old rig so this thing wasnt completely terrible I also have no extra lcd's laying around, so right now im using my projector and my 113" screen I threw everything in the case and installed XP sucessfully. Then I qued up a bunch of games on steam and enjoyed a few levels from cod:waw

Once I grew bored of playing call of duty, I wanted to see if my brisbane would oc a bit with the stock cooler. I creeped up, increasing my fsb by 5mhz each test, making sure that it wouldn't go unstable. (I'm used to my 939 rig needing constant fine tuning and voltage increases ) Now it's been about 5 hours and I still haven't increased the cpu voltage. I'm currently ocing around 2.8ghz (65c with stock cooling ) and hopefully i can squeeze 3ghz out of it tonight. I'm gonna get my lapping kit tomorrow and hopefully i can oc it even further without buying a fancy cooler.

So now I have learned 2 things today: AMD chips CAN clock higher than 3ghz easily, and cats really love to chase cursors on projector screens:

Edit: got it to 2.7ghz before it started getting unstable. And that's without any voltage changes!


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