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2 1 2 Semesters To Go

Life sure has been challenging lately, but thankfully I am right on top of everything. Things are coming together for me in numerous ways.

I somehow managed to impress several professors and the campus dean (I'm sure my student success coach was nudging that along).

It started when one day I was personally invited by our campus director to attend a special luncheon for the University President who was coming in from Chicago and wanted to meet a few of the students and have a round table discussion with them.

Then my success coach told me she had submitted me for a new intern program they are starting.

Then, I was asked by our Assistant Career Director to start up a student chapter of AITP for our campus, which I was told is great resume builder to be the "founding' President of the chapter... needless to say I got on that wagon like peanut butter and jelly!

Then I was asked by one of the IT Professors (whom I never had a class with) to consider applying for a tutor position for the IT students. At the interview for the tutor position, they told me they wanted me to also tutor math and stats students also (even though they already have 2 math/stats tutors who are very good).

I started my senior project this semester, earlier than I intended because it was actually being offered on campus with a real company instead of me having to take it online with a fake company.

Real company projects make a good impression on a resume! Bad news is that because this will take up a full 16 weeks (entire semester) rather than the normal 8 week session for each class, this pushes my graduation date forward by 8 weeks so I am going to be there longer.

So, between my senior project, starting the AITP chapter and tutoring, I'm pretty busy. I have a 3.88 GPA going and 7 more classes after this semester is over to complete my degree.

DeVry University is awesome! I have to give credit to the faculty and staff at my campus for being such great and caring people.


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