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I've worn glasses and contact lenses for around 16 years of my life. My vision wasn't terrible...my prescription was something like -4.25 in each eye or so.

After my last yearly eye exam, my eyes hadn't changed at all from the previous year, so that basically made me a candidate for LASIK eye surgery.

I had to go through two exams before the surgery:

The first one they scanned my eyes with all their gizmos and mapped out my eyes. They did a typical eye exam to measure my vision. Then they stuck these little stick thingys underneathe my eye lids to measure my tear production. That part sucked. Finally, they numbed my eyes and tested my eye pressure.

The second exam they dilated my eyes and did a few more tests. Nothing painful, just bright lights. I couldn't read for about 5 hours afterwards and my eyes stay dilated until the next day. I was very light sensitive for a little while thereafter.

Then came the day of the surgery. I was pretty nervous to say the least. The idea of my eyes getting shot with a laser didn't sit too well. But the overall process was completely painless, just very uncomfortable.

With LASIK, a small flap is cut over the outer layer of the eye. It's then folder back, the laser hits you for your prescribed amount of time, then the flap is replaced, smoothed out, and that's it.

The flap creation process was the worst part. A suction ring is placed over your eye ball and inflated, making you lose vision in your eye. Then the machine is lowered on you, placing a pretty good amount of pressure over your eye socket. It took about 25 seconds for the laser to do it's thing. It didn't hurt, but I could almost feel the cutting. Very uncomfortable.

After each eye was done, the table I was laying on swung over to the other laser, preparations were done, and I was shot for 14 seconds in one eye, 11 seconds in the other. Completely painless, just very weird. And it smelled like burning hair or flesh.

When the process was done I could barely see because my eyes were tearing up tremendously. I had to sit in a dark room for about 30 minutes with my eyes closed to ensure the flaps stayed in place. The doc came and examined me, all was good and I was out the door.

I had the procedure on Monday. One day later, my vision is 20/15. My left eye feels perfectly normal, but my right eye sort of feels like there's a little sand in it. The suction burst a few blood vessels so it's a little tender. Doc says this is normal though and it'll go away in a couple weeks.

I've got no less than 6 prescriptions. Numerous eye drops, a few pills and pain relievers. But there's absolutely no pain at all. My vision isn't perfect as of yet though. There's sort of a haze around lights at night, but the steroid drops help relieve this and it should go away over time.

I highly recommend LASIK to anyone. It's an amazing procedure, virtually pain free and the recovery time is very fast.

The best part is, all exams, prescriptions, and the surgery itself were free to me since I'm in the military. I didn't have to pay a dime. :-)


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