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2900 Xt Amp 8800 Ultra

I just read a review putting the ATI 2900XT up against it's Nvidia rival the 8800 Ultra.

Not surprisingly to me, the 8800 Ultra whooped the 2900XT's butt, but what was a shock was the margin by which the 8800 Ultra lost.

Take this into account:

3DMark06 Scores @ stock settings (1280x1024) and no OCing:

8800 Ultra: 11944
2900XT: 10801
8800 GTX: 10609
8800 GTS: 9528

[My source was the article I linked above]

This shocked me, becuase of this:


8800 Ultra: $599.99
2900XT: $389.99
8800GTX: $499.99
8800GTS: $359.99

(sources for those prices are Newegg.com, cheapest prices for each model of card)

Weird huh? Performance-wise you get more bang for the buck from ATI than Nvidia. I really need to start reading more reviews, I just invested $300 in an 8800GTS, but for $80 more I could have gotten the performance of an 8800GTX without spending $500-600 for one card.


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