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2nd One

Sorry about this guys, when I get the hang of things, this will be hopefully a daily blog but as i've been hanging around my mates and sleeping round there's as such i've not been on

I was walking into the Town centre and we got on the conversation about not all 'Chavs' are bad...

Me - 'Not all of them are bad, just most...'
My mate - 'Yeah, the ones who don't want to cut you up'
Me - 'Yeah, if you so much as look at them funny'

Not 2 seconds later!!

Random Chav - 'What you lookin' at mate?!'
Random Chav - 'If you look at me again like that, i'll cut you!'

Well me and my mate walked off...laughing!


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › 2nd One