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4 14 11

Oi. I can't do it. I just can't freaking do it. The part I'm at in Amnesia has just got me spooked. The way I died last time and the fact that I could die that way again are just... not at 6 AM. Can't do it XD

Anyways, the rest of today...is a blur. I woke up at 6pm(LOL) when I meant to wake up at noon, my alarm clock needs to do its job better.

My entire day has kind of been put off by this one miscalculation in sleep. I've spent the entire thing cocking about on Magicka and posting on OCN. Oh wait. I was going to do that anyway...

The only news I really give a crap about right now is that we're t-minus 5 days til Portal 2!

Today's color is Silver!

Nights, blog.

OH YES! I almost forgot I need to give a shoutout to TestECull and SirLagALot who helped me to postpone this blog post from last night until this morning. "Procrastinate, its what normal people do."


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › 4 14 11