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4 16 11

Oh look, another two-day gap between blogposts!

Apparently I do have readers who notice when I neglect this blog thing. Now this may sound counter-intuitive but the reason I didn't post in the last two days is because I was awake! Yes, I was awake. For roughly 48 hours or so I sat awake and too tired to do anything in a desperate effort to fix my sleeping schedule so I could...you know, wake up at a more decent time than 6pm.

In a short word, it worked. I woke up today at about 9am and set out on my quest to beat the Elite Four in Pokemon: White. I did that, and then set off on an even harder quest; getting all 36 potato sack potatoes.

Unfortunately grinding through, and getting good at, games I don't particularly like(1..2..3.. Kick It, AaAaAA, etc) was unappealing, and I'm not going to do all of them. I do plan to get the reachable potatoes in games I enjoy/don't mind.

As far as the day prior goes, as you may be able to tell by my new avatar, I started watching the anime "Gosick"! I really really like Victorique and her pipe. ^_^

News, news, news... Gas might get taxed and therefore go up even higher in the US. Aside from that, the US government hasn't been this split since Vietnam and Carter.

Today's color is Aquamarine.

Things to look forward to: Portal 2. Jurassic Park: The Game.


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