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4 17 11

Dear diary, John is soooo dreamy...

Oh wait. Wrong publication.

Good afternoon, Blog! I sit here and feverishly watch the glados@home page and anticipate the early release of Portal 2. I've done my best to keep spoiler free and read as little as possible about it.(Aside from watching every single official promotional video and reading the wiki page.)

It is Sunday once again, another lazy Sunday as I sit here and strain to think of stuff to type. There really isn't much today, though I have a feeling tomorrow will be more eventful.

News-wise there's a serial killer on the lose targeting women in some far off state.

I think I might need a new mouse soon. This one either doesn't click when I tell it to or double clicks by itself randomly.

Today's color is Orange ^_^

Afternoon, Blog.


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › 4 17 11