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Blog/Diary post 2

Today was a fairly bad day, I found out several things I'd rather not have. First of all I woke up to a crescendo of vacuum cleaners and crappy music. My mother hires a team of cleaners to clean the house every month, even though in all honesty it never needs cleaning because /I/ typically pick up around the place. Its only my parents' room that's a total and complete mess.

After what seemed like four or five hours of sitting in my room waiting for them to leave(I don't let them clean my room[various reasons]) so I could go out and make breakfast for myself, they finally left. Within twenty minutes my mom came home and informed me that my dog only had two weeks to live.

Yeah, alright that's cool, not. I had one thing to look forward to that afternoon, an ongoing roleplay I had with a friend. Think what you will but I'm a nerd and I'm addicted to the art of text-based RP. Turns out, my friend had plans not only tonight but all weekend.


Couldn't get an worse at least. Oh wait. I then got the news that my local baseball team who hadn't won a game yet was losing their designated hitter. Manny Ramirez of the Tampa Rays announced his retirement today.


I spent the rest of the day playing Pokemon.

Last but not least, News. Actually a pretty slow news day, nothing major is happening, at least nothing new. Gaddafi is still in power and seems to be fighting 1:1 with the rebels. Again I'll keep my opinions to myself, just stating the facts.

Today's color is, for me, a shade of black. Perhaps Obsidian.

Goodnight blog.


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