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4 9 11

The whole point of these is to post them at the end of my day, when really this is more like the middle of it. I'll probably be up well into the night tonight.

Oh well.

How do I describe today... I mean it was actually really uneventful, and the things that did happen I don't dare post here.

I've been looking to buy some seasons of Top Gear UK off of Amazon.com. I'm one of the few people I know anymore who still buys CDs and DVDs, rather than digital copies of the same content.

I actually haven't looked at the news. Probably because the only thing ON the news is crap about the US Gov't shutting down, something that is SO overinflated and SO over-exaggerated I'm simply tired of reading about it.

Today's color is a boring Tan.

..."Goodnight, blog" doesn't really fit since I've still got about eight hours of awake in me. So perhaps...

Goodbye, blog!


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › 4 9 11