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5475 Days On Earth

Tomorrow is my 5475th day on early, which means it's my 15th year living. I will miss being 14 years old since I've accomplish much more than I did in my previous years. Sometimes I like aging, since it makes me look more mature and makes myself act mature. Sometimes I don't like getting older because I will miss my young days, and I also view aging as one small step to death. Being young with all my knowledge of computer, science, etc. makes me look educated, but being older with all these knowledge makes me seem like a normal person. Aging symbolizes all the days that I've wasted without gaining something (such as learning something new). I wish people won't age, but that's how nature goes, whatever comes, whatever goes. People celebrate birthdays as a happy day, but I don't look at it that way. I feel bitter and nostalgic on my birthdays, seeing that I will never be at that previous age again. Hopefully I will look towards the bright side sooner or later. Life is blissful when you have immortality, but life is everlasting when you die feeling accomplished.

I must not care about age, but care more about what I can achieve throughout my aging process.

I'm pretty sure some part of that long paragraph does not make any sense at all, but those were the crap pouring out of my head ATM.


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