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I'm on OCN too much. Which is the case for many of you, I'm sure
Collapsed today, out of exhaustion, for the first time. Luckily for me, I collapsed on my bed

For all of you time travel geeks, here's a little something:
Now, I don't know if this has been postulated before, but I got to thinking last year. I was really into the theories behind time travel, and spent the summer of '08/'09 dreaming up thought experiments.
So, you know how everybody be all like "hurr durr what happens when you rape/kill your mother?"
The biggest thorn in time travel's side, I think. It's called the Grandfather Paradox
Well, Stephen Hawking postulated that there was a hidden force in the Universe that stopped you from editing the past
Novikov and Kip Thorne postulated that if that were to happen, free will is a myth, because that's how it was meant to happen - anything you do is how it should have been.
"One often meets his destiny on the path he takes to avoid it" - Master 'Oogway' from Disney's Kung Fu Panda

My hypothesis starts at the crux of time as we know it.
It's a given that there are 4 dimensions, correct? The 3 spatial dimensions, and time
We can move freely throughout the former, but we have yet to master the latter.
My theory is that when we go back in time, it is merely our temporal co-ordinates that change
Let me explain why I think this:
If we were to travel backwards in time in the sense that time flows backwards, there'd be no way for us to go past our birth. And even then, we'd be reduced to the state we were at that particular point in our history. Think of it as pressing the rewind button. Everything goes super fast backwards, then we stop when we get to the part we want.

Now, my solution
First, we have to look at the universe and its dimensions a little differently
Every single particle has a unique set of co-ordinates - spatial and temporal
They also have a set property - their personal temporal co-ordinates.
The difference is, the former is relative to the universe, the latter is relative to nothing.
The best way to think of it is to differentiate between time in history and time in existence
For example, atm I'm in the year 2010 in relation to the universe
But I'm also roughly in year 18 of my existence.
If I were to travel backwards in time to, say, the year 1000, I would still be in year 18 of my existence, but the rest of the universe would have reverted to their year 1000 selves.
Now imagine a reference point outside of the universe, if you will
When you go back in time, suddenly, history becomes the present
But what happens to the history that you know in your mind? I know that yesterday, I had toast for breakfast. But toast hasn't been invented yet, in the year 1000 (I think)
If you're familiar with the Multiverse theory, then you'll know that at any given time, there are infinite universes existing, each with a unique history timeline for the past and the future
Every single point in time is a crossroad leading to an infinite number of futures. All you've done is simply gone to another universe and are now walking down a different path
You're personal timeline, however, can't be changed. You can't go back in time and think, Hmm, I won't eat that toast yesterday
You might be able to go back in time and convince yourself not to, but that's not your timeline, is it? That's his
You walk your own path

I can't imagine if any of my ramblings make sense to you, so here's an amusing chatlog between me and a friend
Her: iew 
  i had itch on my point finger? 
  i 'scratched' with my thumb 
  i heard a splat 
  and iew 
  i slapped somekind of insect 
  Oh man.....
Her: i'm gonna wash my hand 
So much 'iew' XD


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