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A Benchmark Editor Journal Entry 1

I thought it would be a neat idea to blog about being an Editor here on OCN. Since I am a Benchmarking Editor I can only cover that, but I hope it will be interesting none the less.

As most of you know I help run the Benchmarking contests. That usually involves a couple months of discussing different ideas for the contests long before it actually takes place. Then we have to get approval for the prizes for the contest (of which admin is VERY generous) and then setup the structure of how the contest is run according to the prizes given.

The second thing I do is to help keep all of the official benchmarking lists updated. I worked on getting them all moved over to Google Spreadsheets to help make it easier.

Next there are the benchmarking programs list I have been trying to keep up to date for all to see and use and I have worked along with the Downloads Editor ([PWN]Schubie) to get most of those files hosted here on OCN. He has done a great job of that btw.

Then there are the guides that have been a work in process. I wanted to provide guides on how to run and tweak every benchmark that we can find. This is a daunting task and some members have stepped up and volunteered to help create a few guides and I am grateful for that. This will be a long and slow process and one that I hope most of you will bare with us as we venture on.

Alot my time is actually spent behind the scenes talking with other staff members. This is where the magic happens

Being on the staff here requires work and some dedication and is not something to be taken lightly. This is just an FYI to any members aspiring to be part of the staff. Overall it is a great experience and one that I greatly enjoy.


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