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A Challenge To Fanboys Girls

If you've ever happened to be brave enough to venture into any CPU/GPU related threads, you might notice a superabundant number of posts, bantering back and forth regarding which CPU and/or GPU Vendor is better: ATI or NVIDIA; INTEL or AMD. Granted, these posts are typically harmless, but the out-poor of wisdom-less, baseless, and grossly biased opinions is becoming, well... sickening.

Is there any rhyme or reason to explain these gross displays of detest towards said companies, and in some cases, fellow posters? Can someone provide a single reason why anyone with such an able mind would be so dumb as to give in to a "mob mentality" regarding a competitor in the CPU/GPU business. Do we not all agree that competition breeds innovation, and consequently begets higher performance, and lower priced components for all? Can someone explain to me why no matter what the OP is pertaining to, it always turns into a flame war, and someone ALWAYS has to spout, "Physx isn't fair..." or, "Hyperthreading isn't utilized in the real-world..." or a new favorite, "AMD needs 6 Cores to keep up with Intel's Quad-Cores!"

Don't get me wrong, as I will gladly defend my purchases and try to justify why I've made them, but there is a point where we have to swallow our pride, and accept the fact that some newer hardware from the opposing team may just be that much better, and our beloved, yet aging CPU/GPU is getting a little, "over the hill."

I LOVE ATI, and I've owned many, many ATI GPU's. Also, I LOVE INTEL, and I've owned at least one CPU from each generation Intel has produced, and in some cases, two to three. Nevertheless, my latest build encompasses an AMD 1055T X6, and 2 NVIDIA GTX470's in SLI.

My Challenge to you all, is next time you are ready to post a berating, page-long-essay pointing out every reason you believe your CPU/GPU choice is the better of the two, remember we're ALL here in "The pursuit of Performance." Let's try and uplift our fellow OC'ers, and think before we post. Technology changes quickly, and you never know when you might be on the "losing side."



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