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A Day In The Life Of A Production Manager

Hello I am SpookedJunglist, A Community Director here at Overclock.net. I will talk about my role here at OCN some other time, today I figured I would talk about my career.

Some of you may be wondering what a Production Manager is, or what sort of productions I manage.

I am a Production Manager [PM] for a major Audio Visual firm based out of Phoenix Arizona. The company I work for has its headquarters in Phoenix AZ. We also have influences in Los Angeles ,San Diego, and Sacramento California. We also have a presence in the Atlanta metro area of Georgia. The company is definitely expanding rapidly and I am happy to have been a part of it at such an early point in its development.

The role of the company that employs me is to provide the Highest Quality Audio Visual equipment, Technical Services, and sales support to Hotels, Resorts, Convention Centers, Corporations, Producers, Meeting Planners, and their Clients. We have made partnerships with several Major resorts across America. Most resorts often don't have the ability to manage the staff required to put on major Audio Visual productions at their properties. This is where we come into play. We provide an on site Audio Visual[AV] staff that can handle all of the day to day AV needs that pop up and we deliver it with service that is on par or higher than that of the resorts highly trained staff. You may wonder why anyone would allow an outside company to reside in their resort and make money from their clients. We partner with the resorts so they get a percentage of all of our revenue. As partners they hand any AV needs over to us so that we can take care of them. The client often doesn't know that AV is not provided by the resort. They get one check and the resort gives us our cut after the client is long gone. When a client comes to one of our properties they interact with the resorts sales staff and they figure out the needs of the client. These needs consist of Sleeping room rentals, Banquet events [Dinners, Lunches, Meetings, and Events], Group outings [Golf, Jeep tours, Fun stuff] and anything the client can think of. The sales person then books the event if nothing is in the way. The sales person is usually in contact with a Meeting planner, and they will hand the planner off to us so that we can find out what AV needs that are required. We have our own sales staff that know how to sell an event without confusing the meeting planner. Imagine if you knew nothing about computers and the sales person only told you the following.
Originally Posted by Sucky Sales pitch
intel Core2duo 3ghz CPU w4mb of Cache, on a 1333mhz Front side bus.
4gigs of DDR2 ram running at 333mhz which is effectively 666 because it is double data rate memory. The ram also has a CAS Latency of 4ns.....
You get the idea
You would understand that but most people would not. Unfortunately most electronics stores have people who do the above all too often. What most people want to know is will it do what they want it to do. Our


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