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A Few Thoughts On Operating Systems Part Two

In my most recent entry, I mentioned that I was at last trying out Vista after using XP almost exclusively (aside from a brief, and temporarily interrupted, dalliance with Ubuntu) as my operating system. At the time of writing, I was feeling a mild tinge of disappointment with Vista, primarily because of how it felt a little slow compared to a fresh-out-of-the-box XP installation.

A couple of evenings of use later, I must admit that perhaps my initial observations may have been a result of a colored perception; I will allow that I had at least a mild bias against Vista. Part of that is because of the marketing spin against it, both official (from Apple) and unofficial (from Apple users and XP diehards). Part of it is also because of a near complete absence of experience using it. Apart from taste tests at the local Best Buys or Fry's Electronics stores, I have to say that I acquired a strong resistance to Vista.

It must also be said that I felt absolutely no motivation to buy a license to be able to use it.

However, once the impediment of cost was removed, I only had to overcome my own biases in order to finally give Vista a try. And so, a couple of nights ago, I installed it.

It felt slow then. Everything acted smoothly, but it felt slightly sluggish.

But I settled on actually trying to use Vista as I would XP. That is, I wanted to see if I could actually LIVE with it and USE it.

I installed my drivers and programs; I ran my programs (nothing heavy-duty yet at this point) and used my machine as normal. Strangely enough, the perception of sluggishness dissipated. Instead, I was drawn even more to Vista's huge appeal for me, which is the gorgeous eye candy.

Computing is all about functionality, and Vista didn't seem to have any serious "gotchas" even into my third evening of living with it. The one problem I ran into it was trying to run an older version of Nero 7 which, I found to my mild surprise, was incompatible with Vista. That's okay; I expected that some older software would not be compatible with it.

Perhaps my mind has been sufficiently distracted by the beauty of Vista's visuals. Maybe my initial perceptions were actually just colored by my underlying biases against it. Whatever the truth is, at the moment Vista feels just fine. It's not snappy like a brand-new XP installation always feels, but it's not molasses-slow either.

In the coming days and weeks I shall be installing and playing my games on this Vista system. It's an exciting thought.


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