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A History

Not much, started with a P-III 250MHz OC'd to 550MHz with 8MB or RAM, and a voodoo 3D card, upgraded to a 64MB Nvidia card because everyone wanted to play The Sims 2, which btw took a good 10 minutes to load a house.

Moved and got an Inspiron 530 as a present. Came with 2GB of RAM, and an E4500. Bought a 9400GT, and a month later, HIS had a decent promotion. I bought a 4850 ICQ4 and my current PSU. E4500 performance got annoying, so I modded it and pushed it to 2.9GHz from the original 2.2GHz. A year later, bought my 460 and sold the 4850.

Got sick of the bottlenecking that was going on. Rushed and bought an E8500. E8500 running on stock wasn't good enough and hardly gave me anything extra over the E4500 @ 2.9GHz. So while playing Crysis I got pissed and went on EVGA site and bought my 750i for $32. Got it up to 3.6GHz on stock voltage, but since this motherboard has a .04vdrop I was doing 3.6GHz on 1.21v instead of 1.25v. Finally ended with a nice heat/performance of 4.0 GHz on 1.33751v which means 1.28v on load.

Got sick of my RAM being so slow, bought some 1066MHz RAM which turns out won't work with the motherboard. Traded it for this 800MHz kit, which equals it (more or less) in performance.

So now, here we are.

What have we learned? I suck at buying things and I rush through everything, even though I might check it a million times, the moment it goes through I will find something really wrong with it and would like to fix it, but it's too late.

Now, let's see who read all this.


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