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A Lazy Saturday

Some days I'm proactive; other days laziness grabs me by the throat, throttles me, and just saps all my energy and drains me of all motivation to do anything constructive.

Today was one such day. Saturday the 23rd was a dog day of a mild summer. Though the temperatures here in Southern California really didn't hit triple digits, the temperature in my bedroom got a bit close. The peak I saw in my room thermometer was a toasty 32.5 degrees C. That's 90.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though my knees, both of which have seen their share of athletics-induced injuries, were pain-free (compared to the rest of the previous week and a half, when both had been hurting quite seriously) for most of the day, I didn't feel any strong motivation to do necessary errands.

I didn't do my laundry.

I didn't get a new battery for my car.

Admittedly, the laundry can be done next week, but I prefer to do it just before it is absolutely necessary. So it will be done tomorrow.

My car, though, really needs a new battery. So this must also be done tomorrow.

Other things I'd wanted to do today but didn't include building my server machine, as well as resetting the CMOS on my dedicated overclocking/testing machine.

Thank goodness all of these things are not life and death matters.


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