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A Little Bit About The Retrosexual

Yes, I stole Karasu's idea. Blog's are supposed to be a bit more personal, so I think it would be a good idea to post this.

First the basics:
Age: Almost 17
Name: Karl
Height/Weight: 5 foot 10 inches, 160 pounds
Nationality: Polish

I was born in Tarnow, Poland. I lived there for about 4 years, all the while my dad lived in the U.S. to provide for my mother and my 3 siblings. We finally decided to move to Chicago to be with my Dad. I've only been back there once and I love it.

Growing up I was the fat, chubby cheeked, dimple faced cute little kid that EVERYONE loved to pick on. Being the youngest of my siblings was quite an experience, one story which I must leave for a future blog entry.

Started Bi-lingual when I was 5, was out of it in a year and a half speaking perfect English. It was probably because I was so young, but people keep telling me that the speed at which I mastered the language was incredible. I wish I could do that with Spanish...

Right now I'm a Junior in High School. I'm a bit lazy, but get along okay and I should be able to get into a decent school. I aspire to be an engineer, but I might end up settling for Networking. The University of Illinois would be my dream school, but my acceptance is doubtful. Being one of the best engineering schools in the nation, admission requirements are rough.

Being 16, I am obviously trying to enjoy life as much as possible. I look around and all the kids around me, especially those in my AP classes, bust their butts to make it into the college of their choice. I don't really see a problem in this, but I do believe that time for fun should be made. If High School is spent working towards college, and college is spent working towards Med/Law school or a good paying job, and then they must work to keep themselves alive, when will they ever have fun? I take this opportunity while I don't have to be financially independent to enjoy myself.

I consider myself mentally insane. I guess this is sort of a joke I play with my friends, but the meaning of it is much deeper than most people know. I can't describe how I feel, all I know is that the only person that can understand me is my brother(7 years apart). Some days I feel so down and drained of the will to do anything, I just sleep all day. It isn't depression, I know what that feels like. I guess I just have a complicated mind.

I obviously love computers. I started out when I was 13 and saved up cash for my first build. It took a good half a year, and I sold my beloved laptop. Started out with an E4300 @ 3.0ghz and a Gigabyte P965-DS3. I'm still using parts of that system in my system today and couldn't be happier. I am trying to set up my own community computer repair service, mostly based on testimonials and customer advertising. Hopefully it takes off, my girlfriend is sucking my money like a vacuum!

I am also very into music. I try to build on my collection when I have time. I love songs that have meaningful lyrics. Most people these days look for rhythm and beat, and rarely listen to what message a song conveys. On that note, I thought I'd leave you with one of my favorites:

Lateralus by Tool (This song has the famous Fibonacci sequence integrated into it's song. This is a video explaining it. Thanks to tmx for telling me about this.)

The famous Wawel castle in Krakow, Poland. The chapel has a roof made entirely of gold. It was a fantastic place to visit. Image taken from Sacred-Destinations.

That's about it for now.



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