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A Mini Rant

this blog is going to be about this thread


honestly, i find it sick what some of these guys are saying. let me get this straight though, i don't think she's really that good looking to begin with...just my personal opinion...not to mention that outfit doesn't do her much justice either.
but i don't understand how people can say that she is fat...she gained what...like 10lbs? and suddenly she's fat? are you kidding me?

makes me wonder if these people ever actually go outside of their houses or if they just sit on their computers all day and look at pictures of super skinny models. if jessica simpson is considered fat then i'd really hate to say what these people would say about me. i'm not perfect, i'm not fat...but i'm not skinny either. i'm a healthy weight...and in my opinion, jessica simpson looks like she's at a healthy weight too...so who cares?
if you ever go out in public, you'll see people of many different shapes and sizes...and sorry, but just because i'm not a size 0, doesn't mean that i lack the ability to be "hot"

you don't have to be terribly skinny to be hot and just because she's famous, she gets picked on for gaining a few pounds. sorry but last time i checked, she was a human...not some robot that was never meant to be changed.

this just makes me think how pathetic/stupid some people are


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