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A Month Later

So after a month of continually looking for work, I finally have one. I was lucky enough to get a job with the same company I was working for before when I got laid off. Im at a new location. It is in down town Sacramento. This shop works on an appointment only program because of the amount of work they receive.

I am glad to know that I will go to work, knowing I will have work to do. I'm not sure if that sounds right, but to me, it sounds great. I will miss being able to sit back and play on the computer all day long. Trying out new games, chatting with friends, and just plain messing around.

I was lucky enough to be able to finish my loop while out of work. With the kindness of friends and family, I was able to complete my project.

A down side to this is going back to work after such a major accident. I was in a boating accident last Saturday and am still feeling like crap. The people that I work for know, and don't care, they will take it easy on me till I'm at full strength, because when I produce, they know my work and respect the type of work I do. I was good to hear them say it, and almost flattering, almost. I know when I put my good foot forward, that I do well, I strive to do well.

As for the accident, It is in a thread I wrote last week. You can also find it in the news by typing delta, boat, crash, 6 in any search engine. The title will be discovery boat crash, 6 sent to hospital. It was a horrid experience, but with great luck, and good graces, we are all ok, and doing better. Everyone can walk, although slow, and the worst injury so far is a broken wrist which will get a screw in it later.

Thanks for reading.


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