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A Test Of Patience

lately things have been extremely interesting to say the least. I get hired part time, a few weeks later, wife gets laid off. Then I get a job offer for full time at another place- they end up not calling back after officially "hiring" me. So I still have my part time work at least.

But that's only part of it. I've noticed that whenever my wife and are able to get some extra money, something always happens to take it away! I'm not joking here lol. I mean it, every time we've had extra cash, something bad usually happens. Take for example, every time I save up enough to upgrade my computer parts, something comes up financially that we have to dip into savings.

I should probably stop right there. I have a feeling that some outside cosmic forces are trying to prevent us from making bad decisions. I've noticed this too. Whenever we have the opportunity to make purchases on "materialistic" things, that is, anything that we don't need. Something happens prior to that which always prevents us from being able to get it! It's so weird!

I honestly think the universe is trying to teach us a lesson in preparing for the worst and keeps reinforcing it upon us until we can make smart long term decisions on our own.

My wife completely agrees with me on this one. It really seems that listening to the stars has benefited us in every situation I could think of to date... There has been one too many times where I've told my wife that if we get something *we don't need* we'll be left hanging if something were to happen. And they always have a habit of revealing themselves prior to our spending.

I suppose it's best for us to simplify our lives even more than we already have. I'm all about simplicity, so it's only appropriate that I take my own advice!

It seems to me that they're telling us "what you have is already enough".


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