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A Valentines Day Good Start Rough Ending I Wish I Could Do Something

Well, to say the least my valentine's day has been interesting. I've been planning for 2 weeks. And intended to spend it with my girlfriend at my house all day and other places, mainly since she hadn't met my mom yet.
I do say she loved her present, which makes me happy since shes happy, but around 5 she started feeling worse... She had a cold recently and it just so happened to pick the worst possible moment to progress into a fever, and other crappy parts of a cold... Woot for being sick on valentines day. I ended up taking care of her and I ended up taking her home to rest.

I guess you could say shes a romantic, she wants to wait for the perfect moment for our first kiss even though we've been dating a month now, we substitute for the kiss with cuddling and kissing on the cheeks till that time comes because I greatly respect her wishes and I honostly find it quite enthralling to have the first one be amazing. Today was going to be the day but due to unfortunate events it'll have to be on our anniversery on Wednesday. I can wait of course, anything for her. The feeling I get from her is nothing like any of my ex's. I can't explain it, but I feel she'll come to be the one as time passes and I wouldn't want it any other way

Sadly, she continues to blame herself and apologize for "ruining" my day when every second I'm with her makes me happy. Even if I only see her for a short while I'm happy. I'd be more than glad to care for her while shes sick and be by her side, she could never ruin any of my days, they only get better when it comes to her. I just don't know how I can make her see she did nothing but make me happy after going through that for me.

How am I happy even though she was sick you may ask? She took advil and other medicine this morning and did not tell me when we were on the phone when I asked if anything was wrong cuz she sounded different and refused to tell me... she came over even though she was feeling miserable, to the point where she was in tears at one point during the day because she felt so crappy/sick, all for me. How could I not be happy to have such an amazing girl. Though I do wish she would have told me and I could have gone over to her house and took care of her there and spend it with her still.

Such a mystery she is, and I love it. I just wish I could think of some way to cheer her up and not let her shoulder the thought that she ruined things when she didn't...

I need to cheer her up so she doesn't try and take the blame like this... I mean sickness is natural it happens to everyone, just because she got sick she shouldnt be blaming herself or thinking she ruined my day, especially when she's feeling sick like this. I can't bear seeing her feeling so miserable and down because of being sick...
Sure, I took care of her since she was sick, but i feel like I let her down since she keeps trying to take the blame that she "ruined the perfect day" that i had planned for us...

Oh... she's quite a handful, but she's worth it... well worth it


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