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A Vista 64 Bit Rant

Let's just say, in all these years I've had Windows (all the way back to Windows 3.11), this reminds me of the day I broke from DOS 6.22 to Windows 3.11 and hating each step.

It's not that Vista isn't a good OS, it's fast at what it does, it's that changing so much from XP hampers production. Everytime you upgrade to a major OS version you have to learn new ways to operate what you're accustomed, too. Now many people claim, "Oh, that's the way it is..." but if folks knew why print shops would never change from their Mac havens, they'll understand why they don't switch. Once you learn something and got it down to a science, you don't want to lose productivity trying to relearn what you didn't need to relearn anyhow.

Vista would've been perfect if it gave me back my XP desktop not this Vista horror story!

Even a simple search is a chore. I'm used to going to a partition or drive and clicking the search button and typing in the fields and getting the results. Vista? It wants to SEARCH YOUR WHOLE SYSTEM. So when you type in the search box above for some file in a external drive, it'll switch from the external drive back to the system drive by default. Really annoying, REALLY.

Then the User Account Control (UAC). This is probably the worst feature in Vista, and one that is turned off first. When you do turn it off, Vista loves to remind you on e-v-e-r-y reboot that it is off with a fat "X" displayed in the system tray. Having to click it off each time is like closing Clippy in Office XP. Did Microsoft ever learn folks don't want to be annoyed by what they have turned off? It's turned off to get RID OF IT!!

Another annoying thing I discovered was when the automatic updates are set to auto install, and you're given an option to not reboot, you have only one chance to delay the reboot. Often if I'm in a middle of something that can't afford a reboot without it being a pain to do so (like editing a large graphic or right in a middle of a video edit), I'll delay the reboot until the project is finished. This is true with folding and trying to finish a WU (as I'm finding if I don't pause and then shutdown the client, corruption can occur -- and damn if I'm going to start all over something that took 4hrs to complete!). Last update I put on a 4hr delay, and finally at about 97% WU completion, Vista reboots without notice. Now kids may not think much about this, but I've been around computers for decades now, and hard reboots to me are a capital no-no. Soft power downs and/or reboots are my M.O. all the way back to the 486DX computer. This helps to prevent wear and tear on the hard drives, and no matter how WD and Seagate redesign these HDD, the arm can break (or worse break and grind the top platter). I'm not the type that just shrugs it off, and certainly don't have mommy or daddy to buy a new one for me. When you're paying for the hardware, it's much more personal.

If it wasn't for the headaches of Apache and properly hardening and configuring a *nix or *bsd box, I'd be using them instead of Vista for day-to-day tasks. That's how disgusted I am of this OS.

12am on the night of Windows 7 becomes available, I'm upgrading!!


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