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Adios Modders Block


A big thanks to the Portal 2 trailer and the OCN water cooling photo gallery for getting me back into my groove.

The past few days I've found myself frustrated and unable to put the finishing touches on my Portal Turret mod design. I've decided that I truly, truly loathe Sketchup, but it hates me just as much, so we're able to put our differences behind us. For modding.

I've done some significant reworking, and its going to be a long project, divided into three smaller projects:

- Modding, painting, and reassembling the metal frame
- Building the scratch case over the frame
- Water cooling and lighting

The scratch case itself will consist of the panels (including new vents, drive covers and component mounts), a two-piece integrated rooftop res shroud, and a tripod stand.

Now, if i can just decide on Intel or AMD....
Decided to go Intel Core i5!


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