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After Lapping The Heatsink

Alrighty then, I had completed the lapping (2 hours of work) and I could see my reflection in the now mirror like copper surfaces, especially after using the Final Polish Compound. I must say that I don't think I did that bad of a job considering it was my first time lapping a CPU cooler of any kind. Even though the coarse kit was included in my purchase, it wasn't need it since the surface wasn't that rough to start with.

Anyways, to the point, idle temperatures appeared to have gone down from ~42C to around ~36-37C, a 5-6C drop . Initial startup temperature shows 38C with PCProbe II & Everest and actually dips down to 35C at times after everything has loaded. I'm currently avoiding using CoreTemp since the only readout I could get in the current version is the hottest core temperature and not all four or the overall. Now for the Prime95 load information, I ran the blend torture test for 2 hours and for the first hour it seemed to hold at 53-55C (again a 7-9C drop ) but then things started to warm up from there to 60C :shock: (still a 2C drop) after 2 hours. After much anger , checking the fans to see they were running and their speeds, opening the case to verify I had indeed clamped the cooler down properly and centered it on the CPU, I realized that the ambient temperature near my tower had risen :idea:. Well, duh, hotter air pulled into the tower IS going to make it run hotter overall .

Overall, lapping the CPU cooler had accomplished its intended goal of reducing normal load temperatures by at least 5C, I thought "Now I can start with the overclocking." At that time I'd gotten a CPU multiplier to x17.5 on stock voltage giving me a CPU OC of just over 300MHz for a frequency of 3511MHz. Naturally temperatures had risen, but I was not as close to the 62C mark as before. Stability had me a little concerned since I had a total computer lockup in the middle of a game and Core Temp showed the hottest core at 55C (here I used it just to get an idea). The next step, I supposed, would be bumping the CPU voltage up from the default 1.350V and see if this minor stability issue would go away. While I'd like to see a 20% OC, I think a 10-12% OC is more realistic with air cooling* given how well my AMD Dragon system heats the air where it's located.

As I have mentioned several times previously, I will continue to keep this updated as I change things with my system. It may be a couple of weeks at a time as I experiment to see the stability before I post. If anybody has good ideas or suggestions on setpoints with this particular configuration (ASUS M4A79T Deluxe, AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition, and Mushkin PC3-12800 (996601)) please leave a post or PM and let me know. It may take a couple of days to respond, but I'll at least PM you and let you know that I read your post, then I'll post the results later.

*Just so that you all know, air cooling/circulation is currently provided by the stock Cooler Master fans (intake) that came with the CoolerMaster RC-690-KKN1-GP tower (1 120x120x25mm TLF-S12-EB & 2 120x120x25mm R4-S2S-12AK-GP), 2 SilenX 120x120x38mm IXP-76-18 (exhaust), 1 SilenX 80x80x15mm IXP-52-11 (intake blowing the back of the motherboard), and the stock Xigmatek 120x120x25mm CPU PWM fan.


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