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After Market Cooling Update 6 25


First off, since I built The Wood Chipper rig - about 5 months ago - the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 has been outstanding. Running FAH at 95% CPU usage, it'll hit 50 C and run steady for the day.

The aesthetics and engineering of Arctic Cooling products are second-to-none. The combination of their signature b/w fans, and the quiet and efficient working units themselves are difficult to compete with. Not only do their products provide efficient cooling, but can add a sharp look to a rig.

I recently purchased an Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme GTX Pro for my ENGTX275 - because quite frankly the stock cooler on the thing can't keep up. Kind of funny, at the same time, it's not at all. You would think that the manufacturer would want to provide an efficient cooling device for their accompanying product. Their work is seen through the cooling more than the cookie-cutter style VGA card anyway. I'm not too surprised though, Asus is another one of those no-name-get-big-sell-out-die companies.

After spending $65 over at Ewiz on this thing, I'm pretty confident with my purchase. There are a ton of reviews, blogs, posts, and videos showing and talking about how well it preforms.

I will post some pictures up here of the installment next week and record it's performance.




Here's what I am getting from an idle and then from a solid 2 hours of FAH 100% both cpu and gpu. The screen shots are from CPUID's HWMonitor, if your not farmiliar with it the first temp is the current, second is the lowest, and the last is the highest.



give me a day or two to get the Accelero going and get some stable temps and ill put more pics up.



the accelero xtreme is a heat killer. my max load temps are about equal to what stock idle temps were. the only problem is that it's heating up my cpu by about 6-7 degrees. I've been able to bring it down a few by adding a 120mm fan to the side blowing some extra air right at it. i'm also planning on putting in a 80mm fan on the opposite side which sits directly under/behind the cpu and from I've heard it will drop it another 3-4 degrees.

Here are the updated HWMonitor temps:




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