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After One Long Year

After one long year it looks like I finally have another girlfriend Woot! My last one totally wrecked me the way it ended and left me in a poor state to listen to music all by myself in thought of those events that had happened. I got over it of course and after a year and meeting new people, I met a girl that already likes me and well I liked her and we just hit it off

I hope this lasts for a long time. We're going on half a month so far with 0 problems whatsoever.
I'm lovin' it, bada ba ba ba.

I intend to make this one last a longggggg time. I have a feeling that this one is going to work out quite well ^_^ and this is the happiest ive ever been in a relationship compared to the ones ive been in in the past. Plus the fact she cares insanely much about me makes it even better

Here's to hopin this one lasts hella long


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