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After The Fact

Ok after a week or so of monitoring my system and plaing some demanding games, it appears my system is 99.9% stable. Which is really good!

Now onto the quest for more! I don't really plan on overclocking anymore on this board since it seems physically impossible, but I am going to expand its other hardware. I really am hoping for another 8800GTS for my birthday this month so I can run SLI. I have dreamed of doing that for years. (I know pathetic)

On a side note, people please remember to dream. I dreamed about Blue Flood (my computer) year after year, never having the means to make it happen. But it did happen and I am happy. It meets my needs and I continue to push it harder. One day I may redo this computer, but not for a while. If you would like to read more on my build visit somethingforfun.blogspot.com .

Thanks all.


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