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Alien Visitors

Just early evening here and i was just enjoying my coffee while reading up on ocn when my peace and quiet was disturbed by the annoying sound of my doorbell. Reluctantly i stood up and walked to the door and behold........i could see two blurry outtraces of unindentied humans standing at my doorstep.
Now i got intrigued by the welcoming prospect of visitors from another dimension so i opened the door and there they were. To me they really looked like they were from another dimension. Jehova witnesses. Now i'm the kind of guy that actually enjoys talking to them and end up in a half hour debate wich usually ends in the jehova's leaving.

But this time it was different, these jehova's were two girls, the first one was a 2.5 mtr behemoth wich had a look over here like she wanted to pound her believes in my head with her bear fists but the other girl...

Well let me put it this way, i was about to convert if there was any change to get some .. with her.

I love having visitors on my doorstep.


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