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All But The I7

Well, this is a bit of a setback - my supplier has everything in stock, except the damned CPU!! Having spoken to them, they won't get a delivery until at least Monday, so this build is looking like being put back a week (and next weekend is a hectic one anyway). I had toyed with the idea of getting all the bits I could, and then getting as far as I can with the build, whilst still leaving my rig operational, but realistically, I don't want to nobble this rig just yet if I've got to use it for another week. Still, I guess I could be getting on with the backups, although these will be pointless if I do them before Friday, as the some of data will be out of date!

Not good, I'm pretty annoyed that I'm going to have to leave it a week now (well, I could consider building it mid-week, but I think that could be asking a bit much of an evening). Still, it'll give me a week to tweak the order slightly, if I change my mind on something!


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