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Amd Phenoms Soon

Yes i know we already have the Phenom 9500,9600, and 9600 Black Edition.
But im talking about the real Phenoms, hopefully that will pack alot more punch and help AMD out, as we all know they need some help.
As i have been noticing, AMD has come out with a slew of new Chipsets (740,770,780G,790X,790FX) One of the interesting things is the newly devolped SB700 as well, which seems to support 1 IDE and 6 SATA. Pretty good, considering its on all the new AMD/ATi Chipsets. As well, ATi has designed a chip for AMD AM2+ (AMD 780G) which features DX10 Graphics on the motehrboard, as well as the ability to crossfire the onboard ATi Radeon HD 3200 Graphics unit with any other ATi card. So while you may only have one PCIe 2.0 slot, you can crossfire with the chipset. Neat. Being a ECS fanboy, i always check their new products. They now have a 780G Motherboard that is marked "Black Series". This motherboard looks of higher quality that that of its former models. I only hope that this "Black Series" carries onto the AMD790FX chip. As well as AMD releasing all of these new chipsets, they are pulling the 90nm Athlon X2s like crazy. Leading me to believe that the release of the Phenoms are soon to be.

This is only based on my observations and opinions, but i hope AMD can come up with some new meat to chew on.


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