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Amp Amp Amp Sad Face

Found out the other day, as you can see that my computer shipped already.

Now I am NOT the one to waste money on shipping, I just don't think that it is worth it to pay a bunch of extra money on an already high bill, just so that I can get my grubby little fingers on the pieces a few days earlier.

I found out today that my shipment of computer parts will be here next week around Wednesday. Now me paying extra for shipping would simply have meant that my next installment to you my fans, would have simply been sooner......

But really I am so excited about the new computer that I wish now I had spend the extra money to get it this week .....

I will diligently have to wait until next week to get my computer.
*cries a little*


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Overclock.net › Member Blogs › Amp Amp Amp Sad Face