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An Editorial From Your Amd Editor

Question: If you like Brand X a whole lot, and Brand X happens to occupy a higher place in the performance charts as their marketplace counterparts from Brand Y, do you then have the obligation, a sort of moral imperative, to tell everyone under the sun that Brand X pwns all and you must only buy Brand X? That if you don't, you risk being called an idiot for buying an "inferior" product?

What if Brand Y's products are more fiscally attractive?

What if Brand X is just a little bit too much out of your monetary reach?

What if, heaven forbid, Brand Y's performance is actually very good in absolute terms, and it really only pales in relative terms when compared to products from Brand X?

This is OCN, where overkill is never enough in the glorious pursuit of performance!

What if your purchasing choice is simply a matter of personal preference that requires no explanation owed to anybody, no justification given to anyone?

I'm txtmstrjoe, OCN's erstwhile (and currently basically inactive) AMD Editor, and I'm here to declare that I'm sick and tired of a trend that has got me nuclear under the collar. This trend I speak of is the odious presence of diehard Intel supporters who camp out in the AMD forum and do nothing but criticize, berate, harass, and annoy AMD users for their choice or preference or force majeur purchasing decision based on available funds.

In other words, these days there are far too many Intel guys chewing out AMD guys in the AMD section because they (the AMD guys) bought AMDs.

I've heard it argued that facts are facts: You can't fault the Intel boys for their stance because Intel's products are just superior in terms of performance. That's the long and short of it, really. You can't argue with numbers.

Let me ask you this, though: Are facts alone the sole criterion for what makes a good forum contribution?

I say no!

Facts alone do NOT make a good forum contribution. Just as important (if not even more so) is the spirit you give your facts with. A fact given in a forum thread delivered snidely, sarcastically, or with a thinly-veiled hostility, is useless, in my view. That's worse than a half-correct fact. You can always go back and correct someone gently. But once you post something that's calculated to annoy someone, it's IMPOSSIBLE to remove the bad feeling.

The in-crowd label for someone who deliberately posts in forums to incite hostile reactions, even if he posts factual information, is a troll.

I've come across far too many of these Intel-biased trolls in my recent travels in the AMD forums here on OCN. I have reported them each time, but if I'm honest I have to say that I'm disappointed that despite all the reporting I've done (and others have done - remember, I AM still a part of the staff, so I do get reports of bad posts) it seems like nothing is done about these trolls.

How do I know this?

The same crap is still hitting the fan. And it's still the same crap hole that's blowing it out.

I'm sick and tired of all this, to be perfectly honest. I am close to registering a formal complaint through the channels available to me for what I perceive to be is a complete lack of correct response for all these posts that I catch that only serve to poison the atmosphere in the AMD forum.

Facts are facts, sure. But it's not anybody's mission to convert someone to your own preferences. You're an idiot for thinking that you're doing someone a service, especially if there is a very clear line of division between Brand X and Brand Y. There are always reasons why people make their choices; for heaven's sake, do not question why people make the choices that they do when it comes to spending their money.

At the very least, keep that crap out of the AMD forum.

I can say much more, but for now, this is where I'll put the period on things.


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