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An Open Letter To Game Developers

This is an open letter to game developers and publishers who are concerned about piracy.

Want to stop piracy? Its pretty easy, make your games all cost the same (Or close, so say $30 for a new game, AU$40, etc, instead of sharing an extra AU$50 for games, make your games better and not just cheap ports, release shareware versions of your games as WELL as the Demo and finally, stop complaining about pirates and putting DRM and Anti-Pirate stuff in, Pirates bypass it, and when a person buys it, it just inconveniences them.

Not to mention, most pirates are people who either can't afford the game, but want to play it, or are wanting a preview of the game, the amount that pirate because its free is tiny compared to the actual number of pirates, In fact, there is only one series of games that I download out of spite and never try to buy, and that would be the Sims 2 series, sure, with Just expansion Packs its okay, $30 every 6 months? Okay. But then they started releasing stuff packs, it is so much of an attempt to get us to buy crap that I will never buy another Sims game, except the Base game and a few of the better Expansion Packs. (I am planning on buying the upcoming Sims 3 and Apartment Life expansion packs.)

From a Pirate, to Game Devs.
(Note: I will buy games instead of download once I have a form of income that can support buying games AND Hardware,)

I just saw the news that Spore won't have a Demo/Shareware Trial and will have DRM, I am calling on people to boycott EA after this, maybe it will make them realize that we aren't going to put up with their s**t?


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