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Anime Boston First Real Con Comin Up

Alright, So as some may have realized. I'm a huge anime and manga fan. One thing I have always wanted to do though was go to an Anime Convention.

I went to one small event this past November 9th at the local Suncoast in the LV Mall. I gotta say for just a tiny event it was great fun. I didn't intend to go but last minute I heard about it I threw together my costume and went, winning third place in the little costume contest they had. The costume I went as wasnt finished the last part was thrown together sloppily.

My first big anime convention is coming up... Anime Boston 2009. Man what a blast it will be. I'm going to be heading over with my college's Anime Club for all 3 days. Who am I gonna cosplay? Simple, Ichigo Kurosaki in his Bankai form. I have a 52" Wooden Tensa Zangetsu to boot. Now I just need to make the jacket-like part and I'll be set.

I've never thought I'd get the chance to go so soon. If all goes well making the rest of my costume, there shall be pics before and after Anime Boston 2009. That is where the party is at.

But for now, catch ya later


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