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Anime Music Videos

AMVs, yes thats right, ANIME Music Videos. Like Music Videos but synched to anime clips and effects for entertainment. Lots of people make them, but there are plenty of Gems out there among the junky ones.

In fact, I make AMVs. I had several up but YouTube took my best one down sadly and I'll have to reupload it somewhere else.

Later I will link my AMVs in another post probably, but for now enjoy these AMAZING anime music videos I have come across.

EDIT: If your wondering what the '&fmt=18' that I added to the end of the url is, it makes the video show in High Quality instead, with much less pixelation and the sort and puts it in a lot more crisp of a quality.

NOTE: I did not notice any rules saying no about embedding some videos in our blogs like from Youtube. IF I AM Violating any rules please remove the videos from the post. I'd hate to be a rule breaker.

FLCL - Black Betty(Spiderbait)
An Amazingly well put together amv from pretty much one of my favorite series, Fooly Cooly.

Gabseki no Kobushi (Anime Boston 2007 Best Editing)

Unbreakable (Anime Boston 2008 Fun/Upbeat/Other winner)

FFVII:Advent Children - No Limit - 2 Unlimited
This one is by a friend of mine I know personally. This was my favorite amv when she had more up.

Anime Mix-Bumblebee Tuna

Bleach AMV - Ichigo's Resolve
And to finish it off a great Bleach AMV


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