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Anime Review The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Anime Review time! Though I know I only just saw it this past Wednesday, it's never been one of the more popular out there movies, but it could make a name for itself. I think the story was handled pretty well, I probably like it more than one or two Miyazaki movies.

Anyway, I'll try and keep spoiler to a minimum, and go easy on me, I haven't really reviewed any Anime in ages sooo here goes...

We'll split it into 2 parts:
-Brief Review/Rating


Anime Title: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo)
Type: Movie
Length: 98 Minutes

It begins with a near-late wakeup, and Makoto is asked to make a delivery to her aunt after school, and heads off thus beginning our story.

After a day of everything gone wrong, Makoto on cleanup duty heads to drop some books off, and through circumstances falls upon an object causing her to lose consciousness, which was actually a brief lapse in time.
Of course, she takes no notice and after the typical baseball game with her two best friends Chiaki and Kousuke, Makoto remembers her errand. However, on her way down the brakes of her bike break, unable to halt as an oncoming train comes further down the hill and thrown forward by the force of hitting the crossing bar... our main character is yes, hit and killed by a train... only to be thrown back a few minutes in time thus saving her life.

Freaked out over the situation she continues to meet her Aunt to deliver the goods from her family, and learns from her what she experienced was a Time Leap. Makoto doesn't believe it's real or that it could have happened at all, until she attempts it and sends herself briefly in the past. Upon this discovery she begins using the ability more and more on any small nuisance in her life to make it all easier. As the movie progresses she is forced to realize that changing the past can have drastic consequences, but continues using her jumps to fix trivial problems for others and herself now. However little does she know, that it is only about to make things worse.

Discovering a numbered tattoo on the underside of her arm, seemingly counts down lower with each jump. As things start to go wrong due to her constant changing of the past for people's benefit, she must use her remaining jumps wisely to fix everything before it's too late.

Watch the trailer here:


As I stated above, this is probably one of my new favorite movies next to some Miyazaki works.

It utilizes an old theme many of us enjoy pondering, Time Traveling, to tell a truth of the world.... Every action, decision we make, has consequences. Whether things go well or not we must learn from them.

Through this movie's plot it does a fantastic job in my opinion of using that to it's fullest, because not only is she learning that truth. She learns to look forward to the future, and that the past is the past, something to be cherished and embraced.

I found the thoughts of wanting to not grow up, wanting to have as much fun as possible, and wanting to stick together with your friends no matter what, that essence of growing up, was something I could really relate to and I'm sure others as well.

However, I felt the ending was slightly unsatisfying, but it kept you hopeful of the possibilities that could take place after the movie.

I, infact, watched the English Dub version of the movie, and unlike a handful of series and movies, it was of decent quality, and portrayed various emotions through voice quite well, they clearly got the right voice actors for the job.

The background music and sound was very well suited to the tone of the movie and assisted it along, not that it needed the assistance. But as we all know, music sets the mood. Think for a second, games and movies would not be the same without the music. Picture your favorite game, and picture playing it without it. It'd be a lot less well off.

Aside from that the animation, although simple and clean, is really well rounded, and not overly stylized a bit. It gives it a very realistic taste, and the great scenery and background art pulls it closer to perfection.

All in all, I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that is a fan of classics similar to Miyazaki Movies.

Now time to score it up!
Overall Movie: A
Story: B+



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