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Antec 300 Build

hey guys, im 14 and about to build my first gaming p.c...
dont write me off as a complete n00b just because of my age, i can keep up with most of the stuff in the forums, if not all...

My build will house an Asus Evo DDR3 mobo, 4gb's (2x2gb) of DDR3 12800 memory, an AMD Phenom II x4 Black Edition 3.2GHz, an ATI Radeon HD 5770, a Coolermaster GX PSU, 2 WD Caviar Black 640gb 6gb/s in RAID 0 stripe.

The case will be sprayed inside, possibly mettalic black, possibly satin matt black, or maybe pearl white (i havent decided yet) though pearl white would be crap for heat dispersion... not that this matters as the case will have 3 120mm fans pulling air in, and the 2 stock fans dragging air out, and a corsair h50 watercooler on the cpu (cpu clocked to around 4GHz - 4.2GHz).

The outside case will be modded also, it will have a side window (not a boring square one, but not overly complicated) and the outside case may get sanded and sprayed high gloss black, though i am not too sure about this idea any longer and i probably wont do it...

Any suggestions as to what color scheme the inside case should be..?
- mettalic black with red cathodes and fans
- matt black with red cathodes and fans
- white with red cath's and fans
- matt black with blue cath's and fans
- mettalic black with blue cath's and fans
- white with blue caths and fans
- white with white caths, fans, and blue led ram

I DO NOT WANT GREEN as pretty much my entire room is green and im fed up with it.


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