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Ape Man Beats Chest Injures Self

I've thrown my hat in the ring for the case mod competition, which sort of means I need to get moving on actually building a system to mod. I've got a good idea for what I want to do with it, but I need to purchase some proof of concept materials first to see if the idea is sound. Essentially I want to build my own unique reservoir. This would therefore, I suppose, necessitate water cooling in my machine. (Ya think?) Back in January I intended to build a dual Ultra system, watercooling both GPU cards and the CPU, but with new GPUs coming out and my basement too messy to do any work out of, I thought it be best to put this decision off until Late March/April. We're here! The basement and garage is still undergoing the workbench renovation, so I'd better step that up.

Go go gadget, caffeine!

The choice is really between a pair of ATI 3870x2s and Nvidia 9800 GX2s. If I'm going to go through this effort, I want to wind up with a gee whiz holy crap kind of feeling. You know the kind, it lasts like five minutes, then there's several weeks of a sort of numb glee, followed by a few months of figuring out where all your money went. Although the 3870 is no slouch at all, especially for the price, I'm leaning towards the 9800s. What's been slowing me down is the fact that there aren't any copper-based waterblocks available for it. I just learned from this link that EVGA is in the process of manufacturing a solution, but what I don't know is if these waterblocks will be available separately or sold as a special edition card like they did with their 8800 Ultra Black Pearls (except this one is copper). The post also suggests EK is about to release a waterblock of their own in about a week. I think I can go ahead and start finalizing my build for air-cooled EVGA 9800GX2s, planning to watercool them in another iteration. Isn't it fun building systems with newly released components? Yes, yes it is.

Part of me was undecided as to whether I should start watercooling at all, given the possibility of not having a viable GX2 waterblock option, but I think now what makes sense is to get a Mountain Mods CYO case with a single radiator and anticipation of adding a second. So I gotta do the math, see how much load I'll be generating on my new specs. Shortly I will order parts for the reservoir proof of concept, to see what I'm up against. I have a list of new tools I'm purchasing for the job, including the famed dremel and jigsaw. Things are getting exciting. Operation Drain Bank Account is about to commence!


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