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Apple Fanboys Are Amp Amp

I'm not fully satisfied with my new iPhone 3G that I've had for a week now. The battery life just plain sucks. It doesn't even last as long as my year old iPhone. And the reception is only marginally better if that. Other than that they do the same thing, the 3G has some nice features, but I don't live in a 3G reception area and I haven't had to use GPS yet.

So anyway... I post on the apple discussion forms and pretty much say what everyone's been thinking... that it is possible that we were lied to about battery life etc. The 3G is supposed to be so much better than the original, it is faster, cheaper has cool features and is a 2nd go so apple should be refining the process not taking a step backwards.

Now, Last night I got a few apple fanboys get on and tell me that I wasn't doing things properly, I needed to turn things off... which I expected I mean after all it is apple forums. But when I just got up to see about 10 posts I go to the forum to read it and the tread has been completely deleted. ***! :swearing: there wasn't anything bad there, it was an honest discussion between apple users like myself who aren't fully satisfied with our overpriced apple products and some fanboys. No one was swearing (apple censors...lol found that out yesterday when I typed ***) and no one was (well yet) attacking anyone personally. It just really pisses me off that the forum mods instead of taking the time to try to help an unsatisfied customer they just delete the thread.


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