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Apple Is Awesome

I don't understand why some people hate apple so much. Really I don't. Some people have given reasons, though there dumb reasons. And some people have just told me they hate apple for no reason at all.

As soon as you start talking about the iphone or something apple-related someone has to go and say apple sucks. So you decide to defend apple for whatever reason you have but they give you no reason. Just that they will never buy any apple products in their life and won't listen to you. Now the people with a reason tell you because of some bad thing apple has done in the past, as if microsoft or sony or any other company has never done wrong. There are times when you should boycott a company or something to that effect but people just hate on apple for no reason and they make great products. With apple its not just about the function of the device(though its important), its about the looks too. You wouldn't buy this would you?




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