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Are My Expectations To High Or Are New Games Slacking

Im not going to even bring up Duken Nukem Forever on this one, but in the last year, i eagerly await for a game to come out, it comes and i am horribly dissipointed with it.

Am i expecting to much out of games these days, or are developers just slacking?

Ill admit that i am picky when it comes to my genres, as i really only like FPS/RPGS/RTS/MMOS that fit those three catigories. Not to say that there isnt those gems out there that are not in those genres because there is, its just that those are the ones i really enjoy playing.

Ive spent alot of time and money on my machine, and i know i am going to be spending alot more in in the not so distant future.

I like to play games that i can actually use that system to some of its power, where as most games it seems are made for consoles, and a pc gets the sameish version where there is only minute differences, and its not a fully powered game.

Games for example like metro 2033, are heavy VRAM as well as many other parts of a PC (or mac, shrug) heavy, however, its just not optimized. If my cheap 360 can run it, why cant my computer? why cant any computer with the same relitive specs as a 360/ps3? Why? because devlopers are lazy, slacking where it counts.

I honestly admit i dont spend as much on New games as i used to, these days i wait for a good steam deal, or for me to see someone else having a good time playing it. A game for Portal 2 for example, its simple, its complex, looks good runs great.

I honestly am awaiting BF3 simply on the fact i hope it will push my system, or make me need to be a better GPU. I am running sli gtx460s 1 gig editions and bfbc2 that game hardly even makes any heat on my computer.

Witcher 2 was a great game, and a perfect example of the underdog game developer kicking some serious arse on the playing field.
Its a game im glad i bought NEW.
It was a game that was underpriced, it was 49.99 for the great fully loaded PC hardcopy edition, on release, where as games like COD are 69.99.
I gladly would of paid 70 for a great game, but i just dont like spending my hard earned cash on a game i wont like, simply because the devloper decided to not fine tune the game the way they should have.

I hope the pc gaming world goes in a different direction, i see it doing so, but i see it needed a big boost from its gamers, and to me, thats to NOT by crap, so people stop making it, stop making us pay for DLC on the disk, or release day.

Just give us a good solid gaming platform.


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