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Are The Freebie Sites Legit

Hey guys,
Now onto the goods. Lets start with the very first Question... Is it a scam? well no its actually the only affiliate network i trust. Not only have i had great experience but as well as all my close friends. But why take my word? simple google will show you that CNN, WIRED, G4TV, FOX 4 (yea i know they aint so reliable) MSNBC and more major news outlets have used and reviewed Freepay affiliate networks and have had ZERO complaints. heres a clip (http://www.freeipodsandflatscreens.c...of/ipodnbc.wmv) from NBC on freepay theres more but i wont bother linking them now.

Even on freepay's website you can see photos submitted by thousands of happy customers, and yes im actually up there some were and NO i wont link you my mug... so dont ask... again

Still don't believe? Well I can't help you then... I can tell you though that I have happily received a Sony PSP with hardly any effort, and not a penny put forth. I am on my way to setting myself up with a lot of free electronics for 2008.

But here is how it works. You grab a Referal (here is mine u http://ipods.freepay.com/?r=44140394 just copy it into the adress bar) and jump in with a Gmail account. Id use gmail regardless for stuff like this. And only do one deal at a time do not do more than one it becomes problematic down the road.

Before you Submit at the EMAIL and PW Creation screen there is a SMALL CHECK BOX! Uncheck it at all costs that is the signal for them to spam you. If you uncheck it no worries at all.

Ok so now we are at the shipping info page. Now this one is important.. They don't send you paper mail but this is used PURELY for shipping if you get free stuff. So id advise making sure the info is correct,

Now they want you to complete a offer! This is the important part. This is how they make their money Forced advertising! These offers all ways change so they are never the same month to month. Now the trick here is to look for a offer that has a FREE TRIAL or some thing like 99 Cents first month! thats a viable solution. theres all ways one.

Now if its a 1 week free trial i wait till the 3rd or 4th day to cancel the account. if its a one month trial i wait till the second week. I get charged nothing or a nominal fee of like 99 Cents depending on the "Offer" i go with. Now ive completed a Offer! now for the last step!

Put your referral link in a comment that isn't annoying normal type don't do neon colors or anything retarded. The more friendly you make it, the less annoying you make it, more likely for people to click on it. Once you earn enough referrals that complete offers they email you telling you so. At this point you log into your account and have to Request that your account offer is completed they wont just send it to you. This takes up to a week in my experience some one looks over your account to see you didn't cheat it like make a dozen emails and just complete offers all day. Than they ship your item free.

Any thing i have overr got from them has never been over 3 weeks to get including a 27in sony TV.

So if you guys got questions ask away.


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