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Are You Looking To Buy A New Hdtv

I did research TVs for quite some time before I actually bought one. So I thought I would share with my fellow OCers my info. it not that long of a read. Some good info.

The best time to buy a New TV for your house is towards the end of March into the end of April. Why you might ask? Well this is the time of year that the previous year models start getting clearance prices. Meaning there will be price drops. That TV you have been drooling over at your local retailer is gonna drop in price by a couple hundred dollars. The New models will start coming in to stores towards the end of april and trickle in over the next 2-3 months. So if you have a set $$ amount you are going to spend, might as well make your dollar worth it. You just might be able to get a bigger TV or better TV.

I know many of you see the prices of Plasma TVs are cheap. I personally wouldnt buy one. Did you know that a Plasma TV uses roughly 3 times as much electricity to run that its LCD counterpart. Plasma is pretty much on its way out the door.

There is a new TV technology out there. Last year Samsung came out with its LED TV. Yes, LED (or light emitting diode). The color on this unit is.... in short.... nice, really nice. This LED system also allowed the TV to be even thinner yet. If memory serves me right i believe it was 1.2" thick. TVs are also getting faster now up in the 240Mhz range. (Im sure they can be Overclocked hehehe ya never know).

When you start looking at TVs dont just go in an buy a brand that you like. Spend some time looking and comparing the pictures. Look head on at the screen. Then step off to the side and view it from an angle. How often do you watch your TV straight on? Someone always steals your seat when you get up! If you are comparing two TVs on display side by side you have to do this. The viewing angle is always different.... hence the picture will look different. You cant look at one straight one and look at the other from the side. Move around.

So what TV did I buy?
I had my choices narrowed down to 2 TVs.
A Samsung and a Sony 46" 120Mhz models.
So who do you make your choice? for me it was pretty easy. Samsung has a better color control. (Nicer colors) Sony has better picture control. (nicer images) So for me, I took the Sony Bravia 46". I also bought a protection plan. Just in case.

Ive also seen some retail places selling a calibration service for your new TV. Ive seen the calibrations against the default settings. Looks at them yourselves. They charge ya 150-300 to come and adjust your screen for you. DO IT YOURSELF! Its not worth it. Their calibrations look like mist / foggy screen.

Are you going to let it sit on the supplied stand? It might have to be wire anchored to the wall. Some models are tippy. Or do you want a wall mount? I liked the wall mount myself. I purchased a low profile tilting (up and down) mount. If you are gonna go this route. Make sure you ask for a deal on it. If you are buying a TV at the same time. They better give you a deal. So ASK!

With my time researching TVs I did manage to tick off my wife. Trust me on this one. I had so many best buy ads stacked up in the basement it wasnt funny. So I saw the trend. Im just trying to save you the time and hopefully some money. BTW... look at the reviews. What are other people saying about the TV. I saw on my Sony there was a software related Contrast control issue and Sony had a update for it. I still bought the TV with this issue. I called Sony they sent me a USB stick with an upgrade in it... i plugged it in updated and poof fixed. nice TV.

BTW... your gonna end up spending some money on cables and such as well. If you have time.... you can get them here http://www.monoprice.com/home/index.asp They are cheaper than that place you are buying your TV. Im using HDMI cables, and composites as well.

Good Luck

Illl add more to this as time goes on.


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