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Asus M4a79t Deluxe

This is mostly just a transfer of information I've already posted in other forums (1 2) to the blog here just to make things more easily accessible and centralized for me.

I'm just posting this as a kind of log as to what I'm doing so that others with similar setups may follow and hopefully not repeat any mistakes that I make. Any useful suggestions are always appreciated.

I'm running a AMD Phenom II x4 955BE on an ASUS M4A79T Deluxe (BIOS rev. 1103) with 8Gb of Mushkin 996601 (4x2Gb) since the end of April and, IMO, I had been running pretty stable at a CPU multiplier of x17.5 (3511MHz) and my RAM at 7-7-6-18-24-2T (CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC-CR) voltage 1.86V (2 weeks at this voltage, 1.9V before) and DRAM frequency set at 1600MHz, all other settings are auto.

Now in the middle of May, I've set my multiplier back at stock (x16) due to heat issues, not that big of a deal at that time, I've got some ideas on how to fix that (lapping the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 cooler). Then I got a BSOD every time I boot (I don't remember which one though, ). I reset the CMOS since I couldn't even make it past the boot screen of Vista. I then ran the MS memory tester on the Vista DVD and behold, I got a hardware error at about 39% on the first pass. So, I went ahead and set my 996601 sets to 1333 timings on the main screen and left everything else in auto (9-9-9-25 or so if I remember correctly). I re-ran the MS memory test and got a clean test after both passes and it seems stable at that time.

I'm still new to the OC community, but it seems strange to me that after running stable for 3 weeks (admittedly a hot CPU ~42C @ idle per Core Temp) I should suddenly start getting the BSOD less than 5 minutes after startup. I tried bumping the voltage to 1.85V, tightening the settings at 1333MHz, and playing with the NB frequency and voltage some per the suggestions that MushkinSean has been posting.

The only thing that really bothered me was that my overall CPU temp seems to be ~43-45C @ 26-28C ambient (Core 0-3 seem to avg. ~3C higher). The cooler has already been removed, cleaned (with 100% acetone), and had AS5 placed on it 1 time since my initial install since I thought that the problem may have been to much or incorrect application of the AS5. I had prime95 running and got a failure after 2.25hrs and the overall CPU temp reached 62C. As I stated previously, I was going to try lapping the heatsink since numerous posts I've found on the internet suggest anywhere from a 6C to 12C drop in temperature. I was tempted to lap the CPU, but I don't want to void the warranty yet, so I'll save that as a possibly for next spring.


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