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Asus Mylogo2

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OK. So I've been wanting to make a custom post/boot (whatever it's called?) Image logo for a while and after roughly ten hours i did!

I went with the recommended 640x480 dimensions and only used colors within the 256 colors. according to The manual it says must be below 150k
ok.. My Jpeg says to be 123Kb , is that the same?

and can i trust the update?

BIOS Update custom Splash tutorial

Sweet! So ever since I got my Asus Motherboard build I’ve been wanting to fully customize it. I remember reading IN the manual about a little app called “MyLogo”. I looked into it and I was Shocked! I couldn’t believe it was possible to Make a personalized “splash” screen.
It was until I read all the warning that I chickened down for about a whole year. Until this year that I was finally upgrading to a new; Monitor, CPU cooler Keyboard and mous/mousepad. So I decided to Research as much as I could about Flashing the Bios with a custom splash screen.

It was actually bit hard finding Information since it was all just scared in bits everywhere. For once google Basically failed on me. I made use of every little thing I could catch from sites that I ran in to. Most of them where just people complaining on failed attempts. Some Just gloating and that’s it. But between all that I got some good notes.
Follow my recommended Steps and you should be able to Flash your ASUS motherboard or any “MyLogo” compatible motherboard 99.99 successfully, Point one percent being badluck and human error.

1)I suggest that If you are on a stable Bios Version that works for you to keep it there. I myself was going to update it to the newest version to rid myself of one tiny issue that I can live with. Going ahead and downloading a newer version is at your own risk (this whole thing basically is) so stick with your Current Functional version for guaranteed results. There is no need to Download your current version. Open The ASUS update app and choose “save current BIOS to file. Choose a destination to save your Bios.

2)Once we have the BIOS Saved Safely in a folder where we wont forget. Open Paint and make your Logo Paint Offers Pure 256 color and make it 640 x 480 (widthxHeight). You can Choose illustrator but Use only colors within the 256 range (chart will be provided for use of other software). Once done You can save The Image and finalize it as either JPEG, PNG, or BMP (GIF was supposed to be accepted but Mylogo did not recognize it). ALSO the only good info I found in my ASUS manual was that the End product (image) is to be a file size smaller than 150k. I used Jpeg if you want to do what I did. I suggest putting your finished image in the same location as your BIOS save.

3)Once your image is complete I suggest you close all your programs to make most of your RAM available (I did because I noticed Flashing slows down the computer big time and Freezing in the middle of flashing would be BAD!)such as Antivirus and anything not needed. Open ASUS Update and on the Scroll down submenu go to “options” and Select “launch MyLogo application to replace system BootLogo before flashing BIOS”. Hit next

4)Select “Update BIOS from File” and hit next. A window should appear and Go to the file where you saved the Original BIOS form earlier. I you don’t see it for some reason, in “File type” select “all files”. Once found hit Open.

5)From step Four The window will close and You may have a “WTH” reaction wait for it and IN a few seconds you’ll see “MyLogo” launch. In the Black bar it will say in turquoise “Please select an image to be in the bios logo”. And you’ll do just that, Choose the one that you made effortlessly or Took ten hours, whatever it was look for it and select it and hit next

6)Short step It will show A window saying maximum resolution size 640x480 and 256 color mode. If you have stuff towards the ledges that’s important to you and wanna make sure it will show Lower the ration (left upper corner-ish) from 100 to say 95. Hit next

7) Window will disappear and reappear with lots of Info. The most important pieces here are in the Lower right hand. Basically a message box that should say that the BIOS format is correct and that you may proceed to Hit the [flash] button. And for safety’s sake, on the mid left hand side keep the Option “Clear CSMOS Checksum to load default BIOS setting” Checked. Its one less thing for your BIOS to go through while “updating”

8)The Scary part. Yes I got a high adrenaline rush during this part. Hit Flash. Don’t Do anything let The software do its thing. On my PC it went a bit slow and the mouse was slow so I just left it, it freaked me out but once I saw the numbers move I was relieved (literally LOLz)

9)The Moments of truth. When it says “verify rom 100%” and “do you wish to restart Computer now?”

10)Reboot! Depends on how long it takes for your PC motherboard to Beep, it is going to feel like an eternity. But once it Does and See the image you’re going to Feel like the Nintendo 64 kid! now your OOS may not load or something but that will be because your BIOS settings are now in default.

11)Put Bios settings in place and get out and enjoy!


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