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At It Again

So last week i posted about this girl. Anyway i dumped her. The reason why is because im a selfish jerk or thats what she told me.
This girl comes over to my house on the day i get fear 3. I get it going on my computer and she comes over like 15 minutes later and i had already told her what i had going on. she said i was a nerd and im say ok what ever.
Fear games have always been some of my favorite. So i am playing the game she comes over and starts talking so i turn the surround sound up so i can hear everything. she starts gripping about this and i say you can always drive your happy a$$ home.
She drives home. calls me and tells me im an a-hole. SO i said its through. I see her three days later and she tries to hook back up with me and i started laughing at her.
SO im single again and can now again enjoy the simple things in life. Games


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