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Ati And Me

I find myself on the forums repeating things several times a month so I feel it is time for me to start sticking them into the form of blogs.

Today's topic: ATI drivers and a few other things relevant to my use with them.

I will start by stating that ever since using ATI GPU's for a little over 4 years I have not had a single driver problem. One exception to that is a difficulty I had using beta drivers that weren't an official release but was then fixed when either reverting to the previous drivers or upgrading to the latest ones.

I feel that a large part of my complete ATI driver success has to do with the fact that I am still using windows XP. The majority of windows 7 users seem to have negative feelings towards me for staying on XP claiming that I am seriously behind and am not able to take advantage of all the new features. Maybe it is why video drivers never fail for me, maybe not.

Yet I see countless threads about people using the HD 5000 series cards on windows 7 and then complaining about the drivers, in which case they claim "they will never use ATI again." My logic here is:

Newest hardware + New drivers + newest OS = not going to function very well.

I don't think I have ever seen anyone saying that nVidia sucks or that they would never use nVidia again, despite any problems that may occur. I am aware that both ATI and nVidia have driver issues for some people; my stepdad himself had driver related issues for his 8600gt - but never had the idea of abandoning nVidia altogether because of it.

I will at this point state my position on GPU's - I don't care whether it is ATI or nVidia. I am not a wealthy enthusiast level gamer capable of using the gimmicky features that either side provides. What I look for is the product that will get the job done the best for its price. The GPU chipset manufacturer war is a ridiculous and one of wasted effort.

I will say in all seriousness, I may be a little biased towards ATI. I am by no means a fanboy - and I think it is fair to say that just about any person on these forums is a little biased towards one side or another. The human mind associates one thing to another and then applies it unnecessarily. This is evident here on the forums; one guy stated that no user "should ever use G.skill Rip jaws on am AMD system."

This user had one bad experience while plenty of others in the thread had rip jaws ram kits working fine on their AMD systems. So I realize that what happens to you programs your mind to be resistant to any negative experience you had, but sometimes we need to have a good look at the bigger picture.

I would like to wrap up this little bit talking about Fermi - something I have said to a few people that nobody seems to realize.

Someone in a thread on here i viewed a few minutes before starting to type this, someone was making HD5000 sound like a puny germ next to Fermi.

I would like to say that from the amounts of information currently available, Fermi will be one powerhouse of a video card for this time and more will be a more powerful DX11 solution than the HD 5000 series. However, I am really sick of seeing HD5000 and Fermi being compared - in my eyes they don't even see fit to be in the same league. The fact of the matter is that it is about 4 and a half months after HD5000 was released and Fermi is just 'getting there' to being finished. As quickly as technology moves, this is a very long time and should seriously rule out the HD5000 vs Fermi business. With how far they are spaced out, it is evenly ridiculous for people to say "It doesn't matter how well fermi performs because HD6000 will just be better."

In the end, I see graphics supremacy measured in actual performance, but performance for the cost. The cost in money, power, features, and cooling.

Thank you, that is all.


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