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Ati Is Always Behind Nvidia Hardly

Radeon 9000 series vs Geforce FX 5000 series
ATI wins, especially when AA/AF is on despite being released earlier than Nvidia's cards.

X850XTPE vs 6800 Ultra
X850XTPE wins by a large margin.
The lower end cards from both sides were comparable.

X1000 series vs Geforce 7000 series

The X1800XT was superior to the 7800GTX. Only with the introduction of the 7900GTX and ATI's X1950XT did the performance become closer. ATI's cards of this generation have AA/AF quality than their Nvidia counterparts. The 7600GT and X1650XT were more or less equal. The 7600GT was more popular due to the X1650XT's predecessor, the X1600XT being a flop. GPU folding initally only supported ATI's X19XX series cards.

HD2000 series vs Geforce 8000 series
ATI's most notable loss to Nvidia. Seems to be the only thing that most Nvidia fanboys remember.
ATI's cards of this generation were no match for the 8800GTX/Ultra/GT.
The 2900XT's performance was similar to the 8800GTS 640MB, but it also consumed more power, produced more heat, and was louder.
The 2600XT was inferior to the 8600GT despite the 8600GT being a disappointment, not offering a big increase over the 7600GT.

HD3000 series vs Geforce 8000/9000 series

Refresh of the failed HD2000 series to reduce production costs (65/80nm -> 55nm) and to make the products more consumer friendly. (Lower noise, lower prices, lower power consumption...etc)
Performance wise, still lost against Nvidia offerings. The 3870X2 briefly retook the performance crown before the 9800GX2 was pushed out.

HD4000 series vs GTX200 series
Dramatically reduced the prices of the GTX200 series and introduced some serious competition. ATI briefly held the performance crown before the GTX295 was introduced. Though not the performance leader, ATI gained market share with this series due to excellent pricing.


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